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Not Just Another Ezine is a FREE internet marketing newsletter...

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Our goal is to help you avoid getting burnt with online marketing...

...and to help you cut through all the hype, until you can see what`s honest and what`s not.

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We are Not "Just Another AdSheet posing as an Ezine".

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Articles By Anna-Marie Stewart


A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing - Identifying Scams That Look Like Legitimate Businesses

There are a whole lot of various business opportunities for you, as a marketer, to get involved with. Before you do though, you need to be aware of the fact that there are also thousands of scams out there, posing as legitimate businesses.


Forget The Hype!

So you`re new to the internet, and want to learn everything you can about internet marketing. Or at least the essential basics, and you want a place to go to find the answers to all of your questions?


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Where do I start if I want to be an online marketer? Tough question, huh? There are lots of ways to begin your way on the bumpy journey. Just make sure you are aware that it WILL be a bumpy ride.


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One thing I think we ALL agree on: There are way too many scams out there. Both online and off.


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Email can be used in many ways to market online. Frequent bursts of advertising, weekly newsletters, or even just a mail to your business contacts when something great comes along.


I want Free Advertising!

So you`ve got your website all set up. You know what you`re promoting and it`s looking good. You know you need to advertise and promote as much as possible to actually get your website seen.


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Read What Our Members Say:

Not Just Another Ezine is a truly unique publication and website. Their slots game for advertising spots is brilliant and addictive!! Anna works hard on this ezine, and it shows. If you're not a subscriber, your business is truly missing a main ingredient!

Elizabeth Piotrowski
Strategy Ad Service
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Hiya Anna!

I gotta say, FANTASTIC ezine! I have seen and read a lot of them and yours is truly unique...certainly not the usual fluff & hype you always see. Helpful and Informative articles (I have learned a lot already) and some actual helpful ads and link partners instead of just trying to sell something.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to the next issue!

Best Regards,
Dennis Edell
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Hi Anna!

Keep up the great work on this ezine. I enjoy it every time it comes out.

Thank You,
Tom Antolic

Hi Anna-Marie,

I have just read your article security cameras boca raton in Popular Marketing Ezine, and was "blown away"

The first thing that I did when I had finished reading it, was to subscribe to your ezine, and the second thing was to compose this e-mail to request your permission to re-print it.

Martin Cargill

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